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Case Study: Thicker and Healthier Hair in Just Sixteen Weeks with Ashley and Martin

June 20th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

An avid surfer, Craig was beginning to be reminded of his thinning hair more and more often.  Unable to go out in the sun without a hat for fear of burning, and feeling the sun and water on his crown as he surfed Craig knew it was time to call Ashley and Martin.

Upon meeting with Craig, his consultant learned that Craig’s stress levels had not increased recently and there were no medical issues impacting his hair.  There was, however, a strong presence of hair loss with the men in Craig’s family.  His grandfather on his maternal side as well as his father, paternal uncles and grandfather had all suffered from hair loss or gone bald.  The consultant’s diagnosis was Male Pattern Hair Loss and Craig was placed at a level III vertex on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale.

Several options for treatment were presented to Craig as he lived too far away from the clinic to attend regular appointments.  The first option was a medications program and the second combined the medications program with an in-home laser treatment device.  Craig was very happy that he was able to get the full benefit of the program even though he lived over an hour away from the clinic.  He felt he had found a clinic that would support him in the way he needed to access treatment and had a solid plan looking after him throughout his treatment.  With this confidence in what he was signing up for, Craig embarked upon a RealGROWTH® medications program and purchased a Laser Cap to use at home.

Four months in to his treatment Craig told his consultant he felt his hair was healthier and thicker.  However, as he was unable to see the top of his own head, he hadn’t realised just how much hair had regrown in his crown.  His mates had commented about how much thicker and darker Craig’s hair was looking but it wasn’t until he saw his progress photos that he fully understood how successful his program had been in just sixteen weeks.






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