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Case Study: Stressed out worker renews his own hair using Ashley and Martin’s unique treatment program

February 24th, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Kevin* worked in retail. He was stressed out and concerned about his hair loss and was starting to notice his scalp through his thinning locks. He had been considering professional treatment for nearly a year and had tried over the counter medications with no real results. He knew that his shedding would get worse…his uncle on his mother’s side was bald and it seemed that he shared the same family genes.

After seeing an ad on tv for Ashley and Martin hair loss clinics, Kevin made himself an appointment and signed up to a treatment plan on the very same day. His consultant advised that the visible thinning from his crown and deepening recession in his temporal region could be addressed using a combination of prescription medications, scalp hygiene products (specially formulated and free from sulfates) and laser therapy. This multifaceted approach would work towards halting the hair fall while laying the foundations for Kevin to begin regrowing his own hair, allowing his dormant hair follicles to re-enter their growth phase and reactivating tired and suffering hair roots, so that the miniaturised hairs can became thicker and healthier.

Kevin was very pleased with the results he was getting and couldn’t be happier with his healthy head of hair.

*Name changed to protect privacy