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Case Study: Advert on tv resonates with client, offering a solution he’d been looking for

July 28th, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Zac* was stressed out and growing increasingly concerned about his hair loss. It wasn’t the hair loss that was causing his stress but it was certainly contributing to the problem. He’d been thinning for the past five or six years and considering treatment for four of those years.

He began a self treatment plan using over the counter hair restoration medications and topical solutions but, even after trying them for a period of months, he wasn’t seeing any significant results. He had a family history of hair loss so he knew that the problem was genetic – he just didn’t know how to address it.

It was an ad on tv that finally provided a solution. It was an ad for an Ashley and Martin hair loss clinic and it resonated with Zac. They were talking about his problem and giving back confidence to people just like him. With nothing to lose, he booked an online appointment straight away.

At the clinic, the consultant explained to Zac that Ashley and Martin offer the most comprehensive hair loss treatment program which is extremely effective in arresting baldness and re-growing hair naturally.  He diagnosed Zac with Norwood level 3 hair loss and recommended that he commence the RealGROWTH® treatment plan; a combination of specialty cleansing products, prescribed medications, natural supplements, therapeutic treatments and on-going support – specifically designed to target & combat every area of Zac’s hair loss problem.

At his six month review, Zac told his consultant how happy he was with the results. His hair used to be thin and brittle and now, on the treatment plan, it was re-growing denser and stronger than ever before.  Zac was keen to keep going and was very pleased that he saw the tv ad that prompted him to take action.

*name changed to protect privacy