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Case Study: Client’s confidence restored on the RealGROWTH program.

October 19th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

At 26 years old, Jason’s* life was good. A successful builder, he enjoyed working out and spending time with his loving partner and his mates but for the past three years something had been niggling at him…his on-going loss of hair.

He’d been considering treatment for a short time and made a life-changing phone call after seeing a TV advertisement for Ashley and Martin hair loss clinics. He hadn’t tried any previous treatments but knew that, with a family history of hair loss, it was probably best to seek some advice sooner rather than later.

Jason attended his initial free consultation and was greeted by a friendly team. He discussed his options with them and was advised that, if he enrolled in the Ashley and Martin twelve month RealGROWTH® medical hair loss program, he could start to regrow the hair that he’d been losing since his early twenties. Jason thanked the hair loss specialist for her advice and went away to consider his options.

Everything else in his life was great but he was starting to feel a little bit self-conscious about his appearance and felt that he’d lost some of his confidence because of his thinning hair. Within the week he returned to the clinic to commit to the treatment that had been offered.

After four months Jason returned to the clinic for his treatment review and was shocked at the amount of fresh coverage that had been achieved in such a short period of time. He could clearly see (and feel) that the hair around his temple had regrown thicker and healthier and that the new growth extended right across his crown. Very pleased with the outcome so far, Jason couldn’t wait to see what another eight months of treatment would do for his looks and his confidence.

*name changed to protect privacy