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Case Study: Shedding in Time of Stress after Initial Regrowth Managed with Ashley and Martin

April 5th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Twenty-three years old and in the early stages of hair loss, Danny* came to Ashley and Martin to discuss the minor thinning of the crown he was experiencing. It wasn’t worrying him greatly at this time and after finding out about the treatment he went away to think about it. Two years passed before Danny returned to speak to a consultant again. The minor thinning he had at 23 had advanced into established hair loss in the crown when he returned at 25.

For the past six months he had been thinking about returning to speak to someone about the progression of his hair loss. He had tried over the counter remedies when he had first started to lose his hair several years previously and now, having watched it advance quickly, decided to go straight back to the experts.

Danny confided that his hair loss was now making him feel insecure about his appearance but he had forgotten most of what he was told about treatment. The consultant talked through what was involved medical treatment with Danny again and he decided to go ahead with treatment straight away this time. He had been diagnosed with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood V this time around and he was not going to give his hair loss a chance to advance any further.

At the four month mark Danny’s program was going extremely well. He came in to see his consultant for a check-up and progress photos to be taken. He reported the shedding had stopped completely quite some time ago and he was extremely happy with how much thicker his hair had become.

A month later Danny went through a period of extreme stress in his personal and work life; to make matters worse he began to notice his hair begin to shed again as a physical reaction to this stress. Danny began to look closely at his crown to see where the hair was falling from. To his delight the regrowth he was experiencing from his RealGROWTH® medication was preventing the shedding from impacting the density of his hair.






*name changed to protect privacy