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Case Study: Scepticism About Hair Loss Treatment Erased After Seeing Results with Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH Program

March 15th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Between work and home, twenty-five year old Geoffrey* lived a stressful lifestyle. To try and stop his hair thinning, he had tried a lot of over the counter hair loss products. These remedies had proved ineffective, however, and he was now faced with the decision of treating his hair loss or losing it all. The three and a half years of hair loss he had already experienced had left him with hair that was much more diffuse than it had been in his early twenties.

Geoffrey’s experience with non-prescription remedies had left him sceptical about the efficacy of any product promising hair regrowth for men. Nevertheless, after seeing an advert for Ashley and Martin on the television he decided to contact us for a free consultation.

His consultant found that aside from the stressful lifestyle he led, the main contributing factor to hair loss in Geoffrey’s history was the dominant hair loss gene passed down to him from his mother’s side of the family. A scalp examination confirmed that the pattern of loss Geoffrey presented with fit with a diagnosis of male pattern hair loss, Norwood III.

Still sceptical, but also still worried about his appearance, Geoffrey signed up for treatment. He was happy with the information he had been given by his consultant and felt it was worth trying the hair loss treatment being offered to him.

Geoffrey’s treatment consisted of both oral and topical medication in conjunction with laser therapy. While he was not consistent with his laser therapy treatments, Geoffrey used his medication at home diligently.

By the time he came to his first scheduled Ashley and Martin Review, the treatment plan Geoffrey had enrolled on had proven his scepticism unnecessary. Geoffrey’s hair had stopped shedding excessively and it had begun to increase in density.

At his second Ashley and Martin Review, any doubt about the effectiveness of Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® program had been erased from Geoffrey’s mind. He was sporting a full, thick head of hair again and was overjoyed with the outcome of his hair loss treatment.






*name changed to protect privacy