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Case Study: Multi-Faceted Approach to Hair Loss Treatment Achieves Results at Ashley and Martin.

March 1st, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Fifty-three year old David* had a high stress, professional level job. The last thing he needed was to be worried about the state of his hair. Concerned about his appearance, he had tried a lot of over the counter products in the eight years since his hair had started to shed at a higher than normal rate.

It was an advert on the television that led David to contacting Ashley and Martin for help. Nothing he had tried to date had stopped the steady decrease in hair on his scalp, and he felt it was worth talking to a hair loss specialist to find out what more could be done.

The consultant would be responsible for his care whilst at Ashley and Martin told him that his level IV/V hair loss would be best treated with a multi-faceted approach that included prescription medication as well as a topical solution, laser therapy and herbal supplements. To support the results this diverse range of complementary therapies, specialised shampoo and conditioner would protect the environment of the new regenerated hair follicles.

David wanted to find the best hair loss treatment available to him, for the best price and had intended to shop around to find what he was looking for. However, after hearing about the comprehensive treatment package and ongoing support he would be offered at Ashley and Martin, David signed up for a RealGROWTH® program before leaving his consultant’s office.

Although his work schedule did not allow him to attend the clinic regularly for laser therapy, David was committed to the rest of his program. Gradually, the excessive hair loss returned to a natural rate of hair fall and the follicles that had been dormant for too long re-entered their active, anagen growth phase. The male pattern hair loss David had inherited from the maternal side of his family was no longer the issue it had been when he had first entered his local Ashley and Martin clinic. He was happy he had chosen Ashley and Martin to provide his hair loss treatment and could now set his mind to other things.






*name changed to protect privacy