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Case Study: Hairdresser Recommends Ashley and Martin to Client Looking For Hair Loss Specialist.

March 28th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Neil* came to Ashley and Martin on the advice of his hairdresser. He had been under increasing stress from multiple sources lately and his concerned girlfriend strongly urged him to seek help from a hair loss specialist.

After calling for an appointment, Neil met with a consultant to discuss his hair loss. Neil had thought he had only been losing his hair over the span of eight months; however upon examination his consultant could see the excess shedding had been thinning Neil’s hair a great deal longer than that. The scale of his loss seemed to have escaped Neil. In a self-assessment before his appointment, he had indicated he thought his hair loss was a level IIIv on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale he was shown. Looking at the photos his consultant had taken in the appointment, he was shocked. He had no idea how advanced his hair loss truly was.

As Neil lived so far from the clinic, the consultant offered his two different treatment options. One would have his laser therapy delivered in clinic and the other would provide Neil with a laser device to use in home. Neil signed up on a program that included a Laser Cap for the sake of convenience and booked in to see the clinic doctor.

In his initial consultation, Neil had told his consultant of several health issues. However, it was not until he was speaking to the clinic doctor that Neil disclosed he suffered from a heart arrhythmia. While Neil would be able to start on the majority of the program immediately, the doctor needed him to get clearance from his cardiologist to commence the full program.

Despite finding it hard to establish a consistent treatment routine to begin with, and taking time to see his specialist, Neil’s treatment gradually began to halt his excess shedding. Even after he got clearance from his specialist to use the full range of medications offered to him by Ashley and Martin, Neil struggled to fit in his treatment around work and personal commitments. Four months after he started using his full program, Neil attended his first Ashley and Martin Review.

Both Neil and his girlfriend had been able to see the changes taking place and were both thrilled at the results. Due to a sporadic start, Neil still had plenty of medication to use and was looking forward to seeing what would happen now he was into the swing of it.






*name changed to protect privacy