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Case Study: Client Ecstatic About Hair Regrowth Achieved with Ashley and Martin

January 12th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Only seventeen when he first noticed his hair begin to fall out, Bradley* had been wanting to stop it from happening since the day it started. By age twenty he had begun to purchase a hair loss treatment from the chemist. For a year and a half Bradley had faithfully applied this over the counter topical foam to his scalp. He thought it may be slowing his hair loss down, but it most certainly had not stopped the excessive hair fall or regrown any of his hair.

Plagued with serious health issues in the past requiring treatments that severely impacted his body, it was not until six years after he was given a clean bill of health that his hair began to thin of its own accord. Initially, Bradley had started to lose his hair in the crown with his frontal hair line following suit shortly after. He also noticed his hair quality decline and the colour fade to a lighter shade of brown. Sure that over the counter solutions were not how to regrow hair reliably, Bradley searched online for a hair loss specialist. A week after he had given up using hair loss products he purchased himself, he was meeting with his Ashley and Martin consultant.

There were few men on either side of Bradley’s family who had not suffered from hair loss; even his mother suffered from female pattern hair loss. So it was not a surprise to Bradley when his consultant diagnosed him with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood III vertex. His very strong genetic ties to hair loss were intensified by the use of an acne medication known to have the side effect of hair loss.

His consultant explained to the 22 year old how the RealGROWTH® program worked and that he would be under the care of a hair loss doctor as well as being taken care of by the consultant. After such poor results using the over the counter remedy for so long, Bradley had wanted to find a medical solution to his hair loss. Having found what he was looking for, Bradley signed up for treatment.

At his first Ashley and Martin Review, Bradley was ecstatic about the hair regrowth he had achieved. Four months of consistent use of the hair growth products he had been given and fortnightly laser therapy treatments had achieved what he had spent eighteen unsuccessful months trying to do for himself.






*name changed to protect privacy