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Case Study: Client Excited to Show Sceptical Friends Progress Photos After Coming to Ashley and Martin

July 5th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Abel* had been considering treatment for his hair loss almost as long as he had been losing it.  The gradual, all over thinning he was experiencing had started over five years ago.  As over the counter treatments weren’t working for him, Abel went online to find someone who could help.

Speaking to his consultant at his free consultation, the 37 year old confided that he was concerned about his appearance.  He knew people expected this to happen as they approached their 40’s, but he just wasn’t ready yet.  He also disclosed that he was under a great deal of stress and suffered from anxiety.  The consultant assessed his genetic hair loss at a level IV on the Norwood scale and went on to explain how stress could impact the growth cycle of his hair and ultimately speed up the rate at which his hair thinned.

A RealGROWTH® program was offered to Abel to slow his hair loss to a natural rate and prompt his dormant hair follicles into their anagen growth phase.  Having asked all the questions about the program that he could think of, Abel made the decision to sign up straight away.  He did not want to risk losing so much hair that he would not be able to regrow his own.   Abel was booked in for his first Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treatment before he left the clinic and continued his LLLT treatments regularly throughout his program whilst taking his medication consistently.

Four months after he started Abel was called to come in for a progress check-up.  New photos were taken to compare to the set that had been taken at his initial consultation.  Impressed with how much thicker his hair had become over the short span of just sixteen weeks, Abel asked the consultant to email copies of his progress photos to him.  He was excited to show his friends the changes he had undergone.  Especially the friends who had been sceptical to begin with.






*name changed to protect privacy