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Case Study: Twenty Year Old Regains Thick, Healthy Hair Line

September 28th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Tony* was a healthy, active 20 year old young man.  What he was not, however, was ready to lose his hair.  Wanting to know if there were any possible treatments which would help him keep his hair, Tony met with an Ashley and Martin consultant.

Asking Tony what had prompted him to come to Ashley and Martin, Tony said he did not want to lose his hair at such a young age.  He was hoping to find someone who could help him stabilise the excessive shedding he had been experiencing over the past eighteen months and thicken what was left.  His mother, who had accompanied him to his appointment for support, agreed.  She thought he was too young to have to worry about going bald already.

Examining Tony’s scalp, his consultant could see that Tony’s condition was genetic.   Noting that Tony’s hair loss was evident all over the crown, but more visible in the frontal hair line and temporal regions, a diagnosis of Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood III vertex was given.

Excited he would be able to help and confident Tony would receive outstanding results, the consultant offered a money back guarantee along with a RealGROWTH® medical treatment program.  Happy that they would be able to get the help he was looking for, mother and son went home to discuss the issue as a family.  Two weeks later Tony returned to see the clinic doctor in order to begin treatment.

Tony diligently followed the treatment program at home and attended the clinic for Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) appointments over the coming months.  And four months after he had begun his simple in-home routine and LLLT treatments Tony visited his consultant for his first Ashley and Martin Review. As Tony walked into the clinic it was evident his confidence had dramatically increased.  His hair had increased in density, giving him the thick and healthy hair line he was desperately wanting.






*name changed to protect privacy