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Case Study: Successful Hair Regrowth with Ashley and Martin

June 25th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

It felt great to be hearing how dark, thick and healthy his hair was looking instead of the usual ribbing Elliot received about going bald. And while his self esteem hadn’t been impacted by his mates teasing him about losing his hair so early, 20 year old Elliot had certainly been worried about the way he looked.

Sitting in the same chair he had sat six months earlier, the current photos Elliott and his consultant were looking at were a striking contrast to the ones taken in his first appointment. The original photos showed his scalp clearly visible across the entirety of his head and a deep recession in his temporal region. This Norwood III recession had taken only eighteen months to develop and Elliot had been concerned that it was likely to lead to advanced male pattern hair loss just like all the other men in his family before him.

The RealGROWTH® program his consultant had recommended to prevent further loss and thicken his hair back up had taken at least a little of his stress away. For the eighteen months before coming to Ashley and Martin, fit and active Elliot had been stressing from pressures at his new job and the move away from his family. He had also undergone two minor surgeries. There was a very real possibility that these stressors in his career and personal life had exacerbated the existing genetic condition. During this time he had felt his hair was becoming weaker, his scalp becoming more visible when wet and had noticed a consistent increase in hair fall.

Looking at the vast difference between these photos, he couldn’t believe he had regrown his hair in the same amount of time that it took to make the decision to book an appointment at Ashley and Martin. Commencing treatment the moment the solution had been offered to him had changed one thing he was not satisfied with in his life.



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