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Case Study: Shocked by Impressive Results in Just Twelve Weeks

November 19th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Shocked his medical hair growth program had produced such impressive results in such a short amount of time, it had only taken twelve weeks before Bassaym’s hair was substantially thicker. A further five weeks later, Bassaym met with his consultant to assess the progress he was making on his program. To track any changes and have a clear picture of how much hair regrew, the consultant had taken photos of his hair from multiple angles in the initial appointment. And during the four month progress review, she put photos taken that day up alongside Bassaym’s original photos, just as she would at subsequent reviews.

When he had first come to Ashley and Martin after hearing about the treatment on TV, his dark, tight curls had clearly shown his scalp through the sparsely populated hair. And although he had not come into the clinic for the regular laser therapy appointments that had been recommended, the photos he was looking at now showed a substantial improvement. The regular use of his nightly RealGROWTH® routine had worked wonders without it. The Norwood level IV loss he had inherited from his family, had all but disappeared.

A gregarious young man who loved to hang out with his friends and socialise when not at university, Bassaym had been losing confidence before he had come to Ashley and Martin. His self-esteem disappearing with his hair. Now 25 years old, Bassaym had been able to regrow hair and regain confidence thanks to his RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program.

*name changed to protect privacy