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Case Study: Sceptical Client Has Complete Faith in Ashley and Martin After Seeing Results

August 25th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Thirty-one year old Raka* was becoming progressively more concerned about his hair.  Over the course of a year he had developed the beginnings of a bald patch on his crown.  This rapid thinning on top had spread to cause generalised thinning all over.  After chatting about life in general one day, Raka’s neighbour suggested he give Ashley and Martin a call.  Wanting to know more before he made an appointment, Raka visited Ashley and Martin’s website.  Satisfied that the company looked legitimate, he used the online booking system to submit his interest.

Apprehensive about dishonest sales people taking advantage of his need, Raka attended his initial appointment with his neighbour.  The consultant diagnosed Raka with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood III vertex, after taking his family history of hair loss and conducting a scalp examination.  The consultant presented Raka with a solution to his loss, explaining how each component worked to support the rest of the program.  This multifaceted approach to treatment would work to regrow his hair.  Raka asked many questions.  He was determined to be fully informed about the treatment and the conditions of his contract.

Although Raka did not say anything, the consultant could see his hair loss was causing him a great deal of distress.  To try and put his mind at rest, the consultant informed him that the treatment was so successful for the type of hair loss Raka was experiencing that the company offered a money back guarantee on treatment.  It quelled some of Raka’s trepidation in trusting the treatment to work once he found Ashley and Martin were prepared to stand behind the advertised 98% success rate.  Still sceptical, but mollified by the money back guarantee, Raka signed up for a RealGROWTH® program.

Over the coming months, Raka’s scepticism caused him a great deal of anxiety.  He knew that he needed to give the growth cycle of the hair time to regenerate, but with each passing day he felt increasingly like the program was not working for him.  Frustrated and unable to see results, he returned to his consultant every few weeks for comparison photographs to be taken of his hair and reassurance that the medication was working.  Often the reassurance fell on deaf ears and Raka was convinced the treatment was not working.

After four months medication and laser treatment Raka looked at his progress photos compared to the ones taken in the first consult in his first scheduled Ashley and Martin Review.  He was amazed.   All his worry dissipated after seeing the new hair that had filled in his balding patch.  With the evidence in front of him Raka had complete faith in the treatment program and was excited to continue.






*name changed to protect privacy