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Case Study: Quick, Nightly Routine Regrows Hair and Brings Newfound Confidence

May 6th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Tom’s* father had started losing his hair when he was a younger man. Now Tom, in his mid-forties, was going through the same process. It had only been two years since he had first started to notice the effects of his genetically inherited hair loss, but the effects had decimated his once lush, black, wavy mop. Hair grey, patchy and sparse throughout, Tom reached out to Ashley and Martin after turning to Google to find the solution to his problem.

After a scalp examination and conversation about his health confirmed the source of Tom’s hair loss, the consultant explained how the anti-androgenic component of Ashley and Martin’s medical hair regrowth program would intervene in the process wherein DHT caused his hair follicles to miniaturise and enter dormancy. Further intervention strategies would be employed alongside the anti-androgenic medication prescribed to him by the clinic doctor including a prescription topical solution, herbal supplement, low level laser therapy and specialised scalp hygiene products.

Listening to all of this information, Tom was sure the RealGROWTH® program recommended to him had to work better than the over the counter remedy he had tried to regrow hair with. It had been a year since he had first started giving serious thought to treating his hair and with the solution to hair loss in front of him, he signed up immediately.

Following the instructions his consultant and the clinic doctor gave him was a simple process that took hardly any time out of his nightly routine. And finding time to visit the clinic for regular laser therapy appointments was easy with the clinic opening hours.

His consultant had been honest with him about what treatment could achieve with hair loss that had advanced to the stage he was at so Tom was not expecting miracles to happen overnight. But that was not to say he did not expect anything at all. He just knew he had to be patient.

After twelve months of regular treatment and review appointments to track Tom’s progress on his program, Tom sat across from his consultant brimming with newfound confidence as she showed him photos taken at his first appointment compared to the ones taken that day. His hair looked vastly different to when he had first met her and Tom only wished he had come to Ashley and Martin sooner.



*name changed to protect privacy