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Case Study: Progress Photos Highlight How Much Regrowth Ashley and Martin Help Provide

October 19th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

It had been twelve years since the onset of menopause had prompted Susan’s* hair to start shedding at a higher than natural rate.  In that time her hair had thinned to the point that her scalp was clearly visible from a distance.  Knowing that others could see how sparse her hair had become was making Susan self-conscious; she rarely left the house without a scarf or hat to hide her hair.  She had tried treating her hair with two different medications from her local doctor.  However, the side effects of these had made her feel ill and she had needed to discontinue using them without gaining any hair regrowth.

The 73 year old had been considering further treatment for more than three years.  Hoping to find treatment options that would not make her feel ill, Susan started looking online for answers.  After learning about Ashley and Martin on the internet, Susan called her local clinic to book a free consultation.

The consultant examined Susan’s scalp.  The gradual thinning that had taken place over the years was evident from her frontal hair line to the crown leaving her with Ludwig grade II loss.  Family commitments had placed extra stress on her, conceivably exacerbating her menopausal onset of hair loss.

Susan had an appointment with a specialist for another issue in a few weeks and wanted to wait until she had results from him before she started to treat her hair.  Her consultant suggested speaking to the specialist about reducing the dose of the medication he had originally put her on to help with her hair.  Once she had been given the all clear from her specialist, Susan came back to Ashley and Martin to order her Laser Cap as suggested by the consultant.

Unsure that the treatment had been particularly successful for her, Susan returned after four months for an Ashley and Martin Review with her consultant.  The consultant took new photos of her hair and put them up alongside the original ones.  Neither she nor her husband could believe the difference.  Before seeing her progress photos she had not realised there had been any regrowth at all.  To Susan, the photos highlighted how bad her hair had been before coming to Ashley and Martin.  The newlywed couple were delighted with the results the treatment had for Susan.






*name changed to protect privacy