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Case Study: Overseas Transplant Issues Fixed By Ashley and Martin

May 3rd, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

For the second time in his life, Arav* found that he was losing his hair.  As a former professional body builder, Arav was conscious of his appearance.  Being the only person in his family to go bald was a great personal stress to him.  Four years previously he had travelled to India for a hair transplant; however without the correct maintenance of his existing hair it continued to thin along his frontal hair line and behind his newly constructed hair.

After researching his options online Arav and his wife attended appointments at two separate hair loss companies to discuss how they could be of help, the second of which was Ashley and Martin.  It was the fact that the Ashley and Martin consultant was very clear about what he was being offered, the company worked with GP’s to prescribe medication, and the clear and binding money back guarantee offered that prompted Arav to sign up immediately.  He was very excited to hear that the RealGROWTH® program was designed to not only stop his hair from continuing to fall out, but to regrow his own hair so he would not need another transplant.  Arav’s wife was excited for him too.  She knew how much this meant to him and was very supportive of her husband seeking the treatment he needed to feel good about himself.

Arav came to the clinic regularly for Low Level Laser Therapy to support the medications program that he was participating in.   He was determined to give his program the best chance of succeeding that he could.  After the first 4 months of his program Arav was ecstatic about the early results he was seeing.  His hair was denser all over and his transplant was blending seamlessly with his newly growing hair.  For Arav, the decision to choose Ashley and Martin was one that has brought him peace of mind.






*name changed to protect privacy