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Case Study: Medical Hair Loss Treatment Succeeds After Overseas Hair Transplant Fails

February 5th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Especially keen to avoid the genetic hair loss that plagued his family, Keith* had travelled overseas to get a hair transplant. However, without further preventative medical treatment, the genetics Keith shared with his father, grandfather and uncles took over, and before long his new hair was heading towards the same fate. Connecting with the stories he saw for Ashley and Martin’s non-surgical hair regrowth treatment on TV, Keith picked up the phone to make an appointment. Scalp clearly visible through his short, dark hair, Keith met with an Ashley and Martin consultant three years after his partner had first pointed out that his hair was thinning again.

During the scalp examination his consultant performed, Keith shared that he felt his hair thinning across a greater area than it had been before his transplants. Previously a level V on the Norwood hair loss scale, he could see that the sparse areas through his temples had connected with the crown and progressed him to a level VI. This was of real concern to Keith as he had already filled these areas back in with his hair transplant. The conversation with his consultant also revealed that the gym supplements the 32-year-old had been taking were known to affect hair loss.

Signing up for treatment straight away, Keith opted to attend the clinic for laser therapy and the simple medical treatment routine was quick and fit in to his schedule easily. Though with work commitments and his dedication to the gym, Keith was unable to attend the clinic for laser therapy as often has recommended. Thankfully this had little impact on the results Keith saw happening soon after starting his treatment. Filling in the temporal, forelock, and midscalp regions in just sixteen weeks, the early results of his medical hair loss treatment were astounding. A fraction of the cost of his failed hair transplant, Keith was extremely happy he had called Ashley and Martin.



*name changed to protect privacy