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Case Study: Health and Density of Hair Improves Quickly for Client in Early Stages of Hair Loss

May 27th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Growing up, Mark’s* light brown hair had always been full and wavy. Now in his mid-twenties, this was no longer the case. While still wavy, Mark’s hair was showing early signs of his follicles entering prolonged dormancy. He was worried that if he did not do something quickly, he would end up bald like his father. After all, it had only taken twelve months of accelerated shedding to leave him with areas of his scalp showing through sparse patches of hair.

A quick Google search for an effective hair loss treatment turned up Ashley and Martin’s website. From there it was simply a matter of submitting the online contact form and waiting for a call back from his preferred clinic. Open until 7pm, it was easy for Mark to find an appointment time that suited his work and social commitments.

The consultant he met with conducted a scalp examination which, along with taking his lifestyle and medical history into account, confirmed that Mark’s hair loss was genetic. The consultant informed Mark that his swift action in regards to seeking treatment put him in a good place to regrow hair from his dormant follicles. She took him through the multi-faceted RealGROWTH® program and explained how each element would combat a specific element of his hair loss.

Having already been thinking about treatment for the last few months, it was an easy decision for Mark to sign up for treatment then and there.

Mark was impressed with the results he was seeing. His hair was once again the thick, wavy mop it had been a year and a half ago. Not only had the density of his hair increased, but the health of his hair had improved also. Having gotten everything he had hoped for from the program that had been easy to incorporate into his routine, Mark would recommend medical hair regrowth with Ashley and Martin to anyone who needed it.




*name changed to protect privacy