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Case Study: Hair Loss Research Leads Student to Ashley and Martin Melbourne

January 14th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Urged by a family member to look into treatment options for his already receding hair line, 20 year old student Brenton* started to research hair loss companies online.  Two months later, confident he had researched his best options, Brenton made an internet enquiry with Ashley and Martin.

Coming in for a free consultation Brenton told his consultant he had begun to notice his hair falling out approximately six months ago.   Both Brenton’s uncle and great grandfather had lost their hair and his consultant diagnosed him with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood III.  His consultant thought a medications program would be most likely to produce the desired results and explained the treatment plan to Brenton.  Brenton had come to the appointment with his mother who had offered to pay for his treatment; and although both of them were happy enough with the information they had received to sign up immediately, Brenton raised concerns about using a topical treatment as he suffered from skin sensitivities.

An appointment was made with the in-clinic doctor for a check-up and to discuss moving forward with treatment taking Brenton’s sensitive skin into account.  The doctor recommended Brenton start with the treatment slowly in order to avoid irritation.

Taking the doctor’s advice Brenton started his program slowly and worked his way up to a full strength treatment.  Although he was initially happy to attend any Ashley and Martin clinic as it was more convenient to attend one close to work rather than home, Brenton found his hectic lifestyle did not allow the time for him to attend laser appointments.  Without reaction to the RealGROWTH® solution he made the decision to continue on his program independently, coming in for his first progress check-up after six months.

Originally Brenton’s consultant had observed his hair to be sparse and fine though his temples and frontal hair line.  Assessing his progress by looking at the current and initial photos side by side both Brenton and his consultant could see that his hair had undeniably become more dense and healthier since enrolling on the RealGROWTH® program.






*name changed for privacy reasons