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Case Study: Diligence With Ashley and Martin’s Treatment Program Rewarded With Excellent Results

November 2nd, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Sam* was highly stressed. Losing his hair was not helping things at all. For more than five years his hair had steadily continued to fall out. However, it finally reached the stage where other people could notice the recession in his temples and the generalised thinning all over his head. In the time since the excessive shedding had begun, Sam had tried to slow it down by using over the counter solutions. He had hoped that it may even stop the accelerated shedding and maybe even regrow the lost hair. Unfortunately this had not happened and his hair continued to thin.

After finding Ashley and Martin’s website and submitting an online enquiry, Sam came in to speak to a consultant about what could be done to help. The consultant spoke with Sam about his family and medical history as well as his expected outcomes for treatment. Sam was hoping to find a way to regrow the hair he had lost, his father also suffered from hair loss and Sam was not keen to follow this trend. After a scalp examination his consultant could see that the dermatitis Sam had on his hands was not evident on his scalp at all. Sam was diagnosed with Norwood level III vertex hair loss and offered a RealGROWTH® medications program to treat his genetic condition. Eager to get started with treatment, Sam enrolled immediately.

He attended the clinic regularly for Low Level Laser Therapy treatments and was conscientious with his nightly medication routine. And within four months he could see the rewards of his diligence. Where he had once been receding in his temples, he now had a full, healthy frontal hair line. His hair had increased in density all over and Sam was thrilled with how well his treatment program had worked for him.






*name changed to protect privacy