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Case Study: Client Stops Shopping Around After Speaking to Ashley and Martin Consultant

August 8th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Working in a professional industry, Alex* was always mindful of making sensible financial decisions.  When it came to choosing a specialist company to treat his hair loss, it was no different.  He booked an appointment with Ashley and Martin using the online enquiry system intending to shop around with other companies before committing to a treatment option.

At his initial consultation 31 year old Alex told his consultant he had been losing his hair for almost six years.  He had wanted to do something about it all this time but recently he had realised that unless he sought professional treatment immediately, it would be too late.  It wasn’t that Alex had never tried to fix his hair loss, he had used over the counter products in the past.  Unfortunately he had achieved minimal results with these.  No amount of self-prescribed treatment had stopped his hair from falling out.  He felt continuing to unsuccessfully treat his condition himself was a waste of money and time.

During his free consultation at Ashley and Martin Alex told his consultant he was concerned about the way his hair loss had changed his appearance.  It was adding to his already high stress levels.  After discussing the reasons behind hair loss, the consultant conducted a scalp examination.  Alex was visibly thinning overall with the predominant loss taking place from his crown to the frontal hair line.

A treatment plan was presented to Alex to arrest his shedding hair and prompt his remaining viable hair follicles to restart their growth phase.  While some of follicles had died in the temporal region as he had waited too long seek treatment, he would be able to regrow much of the hair in his crown and improve the density of the existing hair all over.  Impressed with the level of knowledge of his consultant and the ongoing support he would receive throughout his treatment, Alex decided not to continue shopping around as planned.  He signed up for a RealGROWTH® program and started his treatment immediately.

With a combination of regular Low Level Laser Therapy treatments, anti-androgens, dietary supplements and a topical solution compounded by Ashley and Martin, Alex began to see his hair regrow exactly as he had been told he would expect to see.  The dormant hair follicles re-entered their growth phase, his fine hair began to thicken in time and more hair grew from each follicle to increase Alex’s hair density.  Even before all this happened, the rapid shedding slowed to a natural rate.  Alex could not have been happier with the early results of his RealGROWTH® program.






*name changed to protect privacy