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Case Study: Client Raving About RealGROWTH Program At First Ashley and Martin Review

November 16th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Chung’s* hair was sparse across the top of his head. The first signs that he was losing his hair had appeared over five years ago. As his hair gradually thinned Chung began to think about the idea of trying to stop his hair from falling out. At first he went to the chemist and purchased an over the counter remedy in the hopes it would help. He persisted with this treatment for a while, however using this did not stop the shedding. Already under a lot of stress in his daily life, Chung did not need his hair added to his list of concerns. He began shopping around for hair loss treatments.

His Ashley and Martin consultant collected all the information he needed to know to make a diagnosis in conversation with Chung and by performing a scalp examination. A diagnosis of Male Pattern Baldness clearly presented itself not only with the pattern of loss that Chung was experiencing, but with the strong genetic ties to hair loss he had. Family members on both sides of Chung’s family had gone bald.

Options for treatment of his Norwood level IV hair loss were presented to Chung and he was encouraged to ask as many questions as he liked about treatment and what would be provided to him by the company should he chose Ashley and Martin. This panoptic transparency as well as the multifaceted medical treatment program impressed Chung.

Ashley and Martin may not have been the first hair loss company he considered, but after the comprehensive first meeting with his consultant it was certainly the last. Chung enrolled on a RealGROWTH® program.

It did not take long for Chung to find that he had made the right decision. His hair stopped shedding at a higher than natural rate and began to grow back. By the time he attended his first Ashley and Martin review to assess his progress after sixteen weeks of treatment, he was raving about the success of the program. Thirty year old Chung was so confident about the RealGROWTH® program that he had sent his brother and a friend to Ashley and Martin to get help for their own hair loss.






*name changed to protect privacy