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Case Study: Client Achieves More With Ashley and Martin Than With Any Other Treatment.

September 13th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Ardashir* had immigrated to Australia two years before coming to Ashley and Martin.  Finding a place to live and employment easily, his new life with his wife was idyllic.  The only thing was still causing him concern was his hair.

His hair loss had begun eight years prior to calling Ashley and Martin.  In its initial stages, the loss had been rapid and persistent.  Over the next six years Ardashir had tried every treatment he could think of to halt the shedding and regrow his hair.  Among the list of treatments he had tried were herbal solutions, vitamins, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections and protein injections.  After six years, his hair loss stabilised but had yet to regrow.  Seeing an advert for Ashley and Martin on the television, Ardashir determined to find out if there was any help available to him that he had not tried.  Although she said it did not matter if he treated his hair or not, his wife understood what a big issue it was for her husband and was fully supportive of his search for an effective treatment.

Thirty-three year old Ardashir told his consultant he had a maternal uncle who had suffered from hair loss but was not aware of anyone else in his family with the genetic condition.  After examining the loss, the consultant diagnosed Ardashir with Norwood stage V Male Pattern Hair Loss and presented him with his treatment options.

The most effective way to combat the hair loss Ardashir was experiencing was through a multi-faceted approach.  The consultant recommended laser therapy to complement the medicinal aspects of the program.  Ardashir was concerned that his schedule would not allow for him to attend the clinic for fortnightly Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) appointments.  His consultant offered him the option of purchasing a Laser Cap so he could perform the treatment himself at home.  After discussing the realistic outcomes that could be hoped for after such a prolonged and extensive amount of hair loss, Ardashir signed up for his RealGROWTH® medications program and Laser Cap.

After consistently adhering to his treatment program for four months, Ardashir made time in his busy schedule to visit with his consultant and assess his progress.  Having started treatment with a realistic view of what could be achieved, Ardashir was pleasantly surprised by the amount of new growth he had managed to regain over the previous sixteen weeks.  It was more than he had been able to achieve with any other treatment he had tried.  Ardashir and his wife were pleased to see that his hair loss had improved in both quality and quantity and looked forward to seeing what the rest of his treatment would bring.






*name changed to protect privacy