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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Treatment Sees Wife Happy

February 2nd, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Daniel’s* wife was concerned for her husband who was anxious about his aggressive hair loss.  Owning and running a restaurant of their own was a stressful enough lifestyle; the concern over going bald was a worry that neither Daniel nor his wife needed.

Daniel had tried using an over the counter remedy he found at his local chemist, but even with daily application it could not stop Daniel’s hair from continuing to fall out rapidly.  Afraid he would be completely bald within a few short years as he had gone from a full head of hair to his current situation in under 5 years, Daniel went online to find help.

Contacting Ashley and Martin through our internet enquiry system, Daniel booked in to speak to a consultant at his closest clinic and brought his wife along for support. He spoke to a consultant and confided that he had watched his uncle on his mother’s side go bald and was extremely worried this would happen very shortly to him. A diagnosis of Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood IV was evident with the dominant hair loss gene from his maternal side present.

His medical history revealed Daniel had high blood pressure and this was noted to discuss with the doctor should he choose to proceed with treatment.   Aside from this Daniel was in good health and his consultant recommended a full medical RealGROWTH® program for Daniel. Realistic projected results were discussed and Daniel was happy with the course of treatment recommended.  He signed up for a RealGROWTH® program and booked his first doctor’s appointment.

Complementing the medications with regular fortnightly laser treatments, Daniel’s hair began to grow back more rapidly than it had fallen out.  By the time he returned to see his Ashley and Martin consultant for his four month check-up he was overjoyed at the new hair growth his program had achieved.  His progress photos were overwhelmingly positive and he told his consultant that his wife was extremely happy with the results also.






*name changed to protect privacy