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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Helps Regrow Hair Before Wedding Day

May 31st, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Seven months after first coming to Ashley and Martin, Kevin* sat in his consultant’s office happy and bemused about the journey it had taken him to get there.  Given the choice again he would not change his decision to go ahead with treatment, however when he had first come in for an appointment at his fiancé’s behest he had walked away without signing up.

Twenty seven year old Kevin was engaged to be married and seven months before the big day he gave in to his fiancé’s requests for him to speak to someone about his thinning hair.  A friend recommended he go to Ashley and Martin as he had heard good things about the company and Kevin called for an appointment.

Speaking to his consultant in that first appointment Kevin thought he was a Norwood I pattern of loss as he had only noticed his frontal hair line thinning.  However upon looking at the first photos that were taken he could see that he was also thinning at the crown.  This led to a diagnosis of Norwood level III vertex Male Pattern Hair Loss due to the pattern of his well-established, three year loss.

After his treatment options were presented to him, Kevin wanted to go home and discuss it with his partner.  Still unsure if this was something he wanted to do after talking it over, Kevin decided against treatment.

With his wedding just four months away, Kevin changed his mind about wanting to regrow his hair for the big day.  With his consultant’s words in mind, he knew he was able to achieve noticeable results in this time frame and called to begin treatment.

Now back in his consultants office for his four month check-up, Kevin was very happy with the results he had achieved in time for his wedding.  Not just for his wife’s sake, but his own.  It was not just his new wife that had noticed the difference the treatment had made to Kevin’s hair, friends and family were commenting that his hair was looking fuller and healthier and it felt good.  Now that he had made the decision to regrow his hair he could not imagine having it any other way.






*name changed to protect privacy