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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Client Takes Control of Hair Loss

March 9th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Now 37 years old, Daniel* had immigrated to Australia a few years previously. He had begun losing his hair over the past three to four years and being conscious of his health, eating well and exercising every day, Daniel decided that now was the time to take control of his hair loss.

Daniel went online to find the solution to his hair loss problem and clicked on the first result that was returned. Impressed with Ashley and Martin’s website and the information he found there, Daniel submitted an internet enquiry to book a free consultation.

The consultant examined Daniel’s hair and discussed medical and family history with him. Daniel was in good health and disclosed that his maternal uncle had lost his hair as had his maternal grandfather. With this dominant hair loss gene so prevalent in Daniel’s family and the pattern of thinning he was experiencing his consultant diagnosed Daniel with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood classification III – IV.

Daniel’s consultant recommended he commence on a full RealGROWTH® medications program consisting of RealGROWTH® solution, oral anti-androgens, laser treatments and herbal supplements. Having already researched Ashley and Martin’s 98% success rate and treatment for early stage hair loss, Daniel decided to go ahead with treatment straight away, opting for a money back guarantee as well.

Although Daniel was unable to come to the clinic on a regular basis to have his laser treatments, his hair began to regrow with the combination of the other components of his treatment plan. Taking a second set of photographs at the 16 week mark to chart Daniel’s progress on the program, his consultant could see Daniel’s hair had not only begun to regrow through the crown but started to substantially thicken throughout all the areas experiencing shedding. Pleased with the improvement in Daniel’s hair density and overall hair health, the consultant expected further regrowth as Daniel continued on the rest of his program. Daniel was satisfied with the results he had achieved in the initial phase of his treatment and looks forward to being able to refer his friends to Ashley and Martin as his regrowth continues.






*Name changed for privacy reasons