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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Program Succeeds Where Alternative Option Failed

June 6th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Jamie had been soldiering on using a hair loss treatment his doctor had directed him to use for two months before coming to Ashley and Martin. In that time he had not seen any new hair. He had not even noticed his hair loss slow down. The best that could be said for the treatment was that he had not had any adverse reactions.

At 25 years old, Jamie had only been losing his his hair for a year. But in that time his hair loss had gone from minor to advanced at an alarming rate. Whilst watching television, Jamie made the decision to contact Ashley and Martin after seeing our advertising. He had been thinking about taking the plunge into specialist treatment for the last six months, so concerned about his appearance and the accelerated nature of his hair loss Jamie went online and requested an appointment.

Meeting with his hair loss consultant for the first time, Jamie was given a scalp examination after discussing his relevant medical and family history. He had watched both his father and grandfather lose their hair, but Jamie felt he was too young to suffer the same fate. The Ashley and Martin consultant was confident that the Norwood level III male pattern baldness he had diagnosed Jamie with was easily treatable by a simple treatment routine.

To make sure Jamie was making informed decisions he would be confident in in the long term, the recommended RealGROWTH® program was laid out in full. The consultant discussed what each of the elements of the program would do to combat his hair loss and Jamie was given the opportunity to ask as many questions as he needed to.

Happy with his decision to move forward with treatment, Jamie was booked in to see the clinic hair loss doctor and provided with all his non-prescription items.

Over the course of the next three months, Jamie returned to the clinic fortnightly for laser therapy treatments and before long it was time for him to check in with his consultant for a review of his progress.

Looking at his check-up photos compared to the ones taken in his first appointment, Jamie was amazed. Having been receiving compliments from his friends and family about his hair for some time, Jamie’s initial scepticism was completely gone. Not all of the people commenting knew he was treating his hair, so he knew the positive feedback was genuine. Jamie walked with more confidence now and had no regrets about seeking out the help of Ashley and Martin.

*name changed to protect privacy