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Case Study: Ashley and Martin GP Assists Client With No Out of Pocket Expense

November 12th, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Starting with a slow steady shedding of hair four years ago which had become more excessive over the past two years, Jake* came to Ashley and Martin at age 35.

His consultant diagnosed Jake’s hair loss as Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood I.  The shedding of hair Jake was experiencing appeared to be limited to the temple area at this stage, but as time went on there would be no question of Jake advancing further through the stages of hair loss.  Jake had many questions about the medications program, all of which his consultant took the time to answer for him; and at his doctor’s appointment he was found to be in good health, just as Jake had reported to his consultant.

A few weeks after starting his program Jake came back to see the doctor again.  He had wanted to speak to the doctor about the minor amount of musculoskeletal pain he had been experiencing, specifically in the abdominal region and his back. Although quite sure the medication prescribed to Jake to combat his hair loss was not the cause of this pain, the doctor advised Jake to stop taking the oral component of his medications program and return for another check-up in a fortnight.  Jake followed this advice and, as agreed, returned for another check-up having not taken his oral medication for two weeks.  Jake reported that his symptoms were still present.  With the oral medication ruled out as the cause of Jake’s pain the doctor recommended that Jake start taking this again and suggested that he seek treatment from an osteopath for his pain.

As with all RealGROWTH® programs with Ashley and Martin, Jake’s plan had included doctor’s check-ups as needed, so there was no out of pocket cost to Jake to return as needed to quell his concerns about the medications he was taking.  Discussing his progress with his consultant at his four month check-up, Jake could see that although he had been unable to take one component of the medications program for a short time in the initial stages, the combination of the other treatments had been able to prompt a pleasing amount of regrowth of Jake’s own hair in the temple area.  Eight weeks later still Jake made an appointment at Asley and Martin to have another set of progress photos taken and told his consultant he was very happy with the results of his treatment.  He could see that his hair loss had been stopped and his own hair had continued to regrow through his temples.






*name changed for privacy reasons